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meimei cafe

   since 1999

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Meimei Café
Meimei Café
Meimei Café
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Meimei Café
Meimei Café
Meimei Café
Meimei Café
Meimei Café
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Meimei Café



  • Local Information
    • – Xishuangbanna nature reserve
    • – Jinghong City
    • – Cycling and Festivals
    • – Botanical Gardens and Tea plantations
    • – Minority markets
    • – Nature and Wildlife in Xishuangbanna
    • – You don’t have much time?
    • – Getting to the Yuanyang Rice Terraces
    • – Getting to Laos
    • – What else do we offer?
    • – Street map of Jinghong
    • – Map of Xishuangbanna
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  • Trekking and car tours
    • – Solo-trekking in Xishuangbanna
    • – Trekking with English-speaking guide #1
    • – Trekking with English-speaking guide #2
    • – Trekking with English-speaking guide #3
    • – Trekking with English-speaking guide #4
    • – Trekking with English-speaking guide #5
    • – Car tour #1 #2 #3
    • – Car tour #4 #5
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  • Getting there and away
    • – Getting there and away
    • – Timetable for short-distance bus station
    • – Timetable for long-distance bus station
    • – Timetable for south bus station
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meimei cafe

   since 1999

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Since 1999, Meimei cafe has been serving our customers from China and all around the world. We offer delicious local, Chinese and western food and drink at great value for money. We like to treat our customers as friends and many of you return year after year. Enjoy.

What’s on the menu?

Western cuisine: western breakfasts, salads, steaks, burgers & sandwiches, Mexican food, pizza, pasta and more.

Steak salad

Steaks Salad and breakfast breakfast




Chinese Cuisine: noodles, rice dishes, soups, vegetable dishes, chicken pork & beef dishes and more.

Local Cuisine: sticky rice in a whole pineapple, Dai style coconut chicken soup, fried beef with lemongrass and more.

Dai style beef salad Dai style coconut chicken soup Dai style rice noodles

 Pineapple sticky rice Vegetable spring rolls with sweet n sour sauceFried beef with lemon grass

Homemade pastry, bakery, icecream and desserts: apple pies, brownies, Luikse wafels, Happy Birthday cakes, chocolate cakes, cheese yoghurt cakes, cheese cakes, baguettes, wheat bread, bread rolls (pistolets) and more.




walnut pie

Homemade Ice cream


More from the menu

Fresh fruit juices & icecream shakes: the icecream is homemade, fruits are seasonal.

Iced coffees: iced cappuccino, iced coffee latte, coffee with ice cream and more.

Cocktails: homemade punch, caiprosca, mohito, pina colada, cuba libre and more.

“There’s nothing like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning”

We are proud to say that our customers love our coffees, espressos & cappucinos.

To make the perfect cup of coffee we use a professional Espresso Coffee machine purchased from Italy.

Because we believe coffee should always be consumed fresh we use only prime coffee beans.

 coffee coffee coffee

 “Welcome to MeiMei Cafe and feel at home.”

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2 Menglong Rd, Jinghong Shi, Xishuangbanna Daizuzizhizhou, Yunnan Sheng, China, 666100
Phone: +86 691 216 1221


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